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Investing in a memorable business card design

by Satellite Creative on 24th October 2014

Does your business card do you justice?

First impressions count, which is why Satellite Creative put so much stock (and ours are 3 sheets bonded together) in a well designed business card.

Having a well-designed and quality printed business card is a real investment in one of your most important marketing tools.

idea pharma business cardsWorking in such a confined space, little details can be overlooked or deemed as insignificant, Satellite understands that every millimetre counts. The orientation, shape, card stock and how it’s printed can have a huge impact on the resulting look and feel of your business card which is sometimes the first contact with potential customers and should reflect your brand credentials.

A poorly designed and badly printed business card can convey a negative perception about your company’s attitude towards your services, products and commitment to quality.
satellite creative business cardLook at your business card now and ask yourself…

Does your business card provide a good first impression of your company to customers and will it be lasting?

  • Is it designed to truly represent your business?
  • Will your business card design standout against your competitors? They’ll all be leaving a card behind too.
  • What does it feel like – shiny, thin, grainy, solid? Handling a business card is a tactile experience – make it different.
  • Can I read the information? Where is the information? Have I told my customers – too much – too little about myself?

Take a look at the business card design for one of our clients IdeaPharma, the brief for Satellite was to create a business card that really stands out.

The feedback IdeaPharma had was “Wow” followed by “where d’ya get it?” and “I want one!”

If you would like Satellite Creative to design your next business card, call our Hertfordshire based design studio on +44 (0) 1442 827 768 or contact us today.

To see more of the services Satellite Creative provides take a look at Satellite Creative’s portfolio.

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Satellite CreativeInvesting in a memorable business card design