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Creative winning tender documents

by Satellite Creative on 12th May 2014

It’s all about winning business and for a number of our clients we have been creating winning tender documents. Commissioning a design agency to create your tender document may be something you haven’t thought about before, but the benefits of our creative input can quickly outweigh your investment.

Preparation is key:
Treat every tender as a first, give yourself enough time to prepare your content, remember there is always a competitor who will go that extra mile.

Looming deadline?:
Don’t rush your tender document, it will show, work with us to help you meet your deadline and provide the checklist you need to ensure your document doesn’t look like a rushed one.

Envoplan dixons proposalCompetitive research:
How do you think your competitors will look? How will you differentiate yourself from them? Can you use their information to your advantage?

Be creative:
Use creative and good layout to compete with the big boys. Strive to present your tender document better than your competitors not as good as your competitors, and last but not least, commission a good design agency to help you with the following:

  • Branding
  • Personalisation
  • Page layout
  • Contents and Numbering
  • Sections
  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Copywriting
  • Templates
  • Printing and collating
  • Delivery – on time

A professionally designed and produced tender document can help deliver the result you and your business need. Your first impression WILL count and it WILL last.

So next time you want to produce a winning tender document speak to us, we love helping our clients win new business.

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