Hospice Lottery



The Hospice Lottery wanted something less brash than other lottery websites. “Tone things down a little” they said, while still communicating the key features of the site.

YOU’RE A WINNER! After all, it’s still exciting to win. And at the same time this is all about raising funds for a very worthy cause. The other challenge for Hospice Lottery was to incorporate all the hospices linked to the lottery scheme, each with their own look and feel. Thinking caps on team.

Solution: After a big creative pow-wow back at headquarters, we came up with an ecommerce site which balances the seven hospice charities messages with the lottery win message.

The next stage was to convert the site to be responsive. We also had to take into account that their older supporters were hesitant to post payments on the site, so we had to allay their fears. An educational journey is unfolding and the results so far are promising. An evolution not a revolution. Progress, but no one’s been left behind.



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