Fab Flour


Situation: Fab Flour promotes all things grain – from growing, to harvesting, to baking with it. As the public face of NABIM (National Association of British & Irish Millers) they wanted a website redesign to make it more engaging and appealing to bakers of all ages and proficiency. FabFlour also needed to update their home page and recipes as simply as possible through dynamic feeds.

Solution: We created a website which will hopefully inspire everyone to get out their kitchen scales and start baking. We made sure the recipe selection was easy to use with key information displayed in a very structured way. It was equally important to be able to update the site, our client needed the homepage and landing pages to be updated regularly without too much effort. We built the site so pages are fed dynamically and can be changed at pre-set dates throughout the year. A valuable time saving solution for our busy and under resourced client.

We loved working on this website, because Satellite inspiration is fuelled by cake, cookies and tea!



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