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What’s the best world cup logo design?

by Satellite Creative on 4th June 2014

With no World Cup matches last night (and we all forgot to watch Derry vs. Aberystwyth in the Europa League first qualifying round). The Satellite Creative talk this morning has shifted away from the “beautiful game” to a more important subject…the World Cup logo.

After much debate here are Satellite Creative’s favourite World Cup logo design.

Chile 1962 world cup logoDave Moore – Managing Director
“Chile 62, love the tight precise graphical approach showing the stadium, also all the best people were born in 1962.”

France 1998 world cup logoSarah Ward – Designer
“Probably a controversial design choice but my favourite is the France 98 logo.
It’s maybe not the best designed, but I like the cheesy sports font and the simple football illustration – plus this was the first World Cup I properly got excited about!”

Mexico 1970 world cup logoLee Kindell – Senior Designer Lee Kindell
“I like the simplicity and clean look of the Mexico 70 logo best.Its clear what sport it is straight away.
I’m not crazy about the typeface, but i guess it was of its time.”

Italy 1990 world cup logoCraig Perry – Digital Marketing Executive
“I like the Italia 90 logo, mainly because it instantly reminds me of the toy car my babysitter bought me for my 4th birthday, the car was white with the logo and Italian flag emblazoned on the bonnet.”

Brazil 2014 world cup logoRichard van Uffelen – Head of Digital Media
“My favourite is Brazil 2014. I like the simple but strong lines and the symbolism. Very strong in terms of ‘brand colours’ too.
The loose font ads a bit of an ‘earth’ feel to it, which is what the World Cup is all about. Korea Japan 2002 would be my second best. Clean shapes but less visual impact.”

Argentina 1978 world cup logoTee Macpherson – Marketing Director
“My preference due to a genuine passion for Argentina (having travelled through the country for 3 months, gone to matches and felt the footie fever.
Also I like the incorporating of the cup and the country flags, yes very PC but what’s wrong with that?”

Germany 1974 world cup logoDylan Blackhurst – Creative Director
“Ummmmm, Pretty mixed bag really.Let’s go for the worst first. South Africa is up there. An example of design by committee if ever there was one. It really falls down with the placement of the typography.
The type is just lumped in rather awkwardly.It looks like the designer just gave up, handed the elements over to some school kids and said I’m off. Simply horrible!
Korea Japan is pretty. It’s balanced. But it’s a bit grad-tastic for me. I like the type in Mexico 86 but the globes aren’t the best.
I guess, Mexico 70 and West Germany 74 are the best of a fairly indifferent bunch.

Satellite CreativeWhat’s the best world cup logo design?