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Minimal rebrand

by Sarah Ward on 29th February 2016

What does the year 2016 hold for the world of design? It certainly seems less is most definitely more in the world of branding – minimalism and clean cut logos are the way forward. But could this ‘no fuss’ approach end up damaging a brand, giving it a lack of personality and failing to connect with the audience? Many companies are backing away from photographic elements in their logos, using a more simplified, stripped-back look, hoping to make theirs stand out from the many brands vying for our attention.

Here at Satellite, we’re of the train of thought that nothing can be that simple especially when you’re right in the thick of it. There needs to be a balance between simplicity and ensuring your target customers can still identify with you as a brand, both in the present and for some time into the future. Add on top of that the heritage of the existing brand and whether you ought to protect that with the refreshed logo, there is certainly much more to consider than fonts and colours!

We’ve selected a few brands you might know who have attempted minimalism with their logos with varying results, here’s our take on it…

Brand refresh Diet Coke

Turner Duckworth produced this packaging for Diet Coke a few years ago by cropping and enlarging the logo. This creates a clean, modern style – proving the brand is such a powerhouse, it doesn’t need to show the full logo for consumers to know exactly what it is.

Brand Refresh The Body Shop

The Bodyshop rebrand has stripped back the logo over the years to be less organic and more modern. The bottom logo is as it appears on the website – but does this communicate the brands heritage and natural ingredients? We give this a ‘could do better’.

Pepsi rebrand

This Pepsi rebrand wasn’t very warmly received within the design world – it will always be compared to rival Coke, but the circle icon has been warped into a ‘cheeky smile’ which is less recognisable and possibly weakens the brand.

PG Tips rebrand

PG Tips have cleaned up their logo by keeping a flat texture, whilst creating an overlapping technique with the two letters to form a tea leaf shape – the monkey icon has also been added which manages to blend both heritage and humour for a touch more personality.

Channel 4 rebrand

A recent rebrand which seems to have divided opinion with its complete deconstruction of a well-known and iconic logo is Channel 4. After a quick straw poll around the office, the feeling is that we’re all for this brave move which seems to have given them a versatile logo that can be used in discrete ways across a number of their diverse offerings which will hopefully stand the test of time. We’re pretty sure there will be non-believers amongst you but if you’re interested in finding out more about this particular brand story, our friends over at Creative Review provide a good insight –

Here are some examples of our own contributions to the ‘minimalist’ branding club…

Simple estate agent branding

Castles Estate agents knew they wanted to keep their logo but also felt the need for a refresh. Bringing in a new font and a more stylised flag shape cleaned it up and gave the logo more space.

Preserving the correct medical ‘snake’ icon within the logo gives the nod to the company’s heritage whilst using a sans serif font makes for a more modern and clinical style. An overall cleaner and bolder logo will help this brand to stand the test of time.

rebrand technology company

Here we use a more industrial typeface and remove the railway-specific graphic in favour of communicating more clearly what the present day Senceive are all about. The addition of a very short strapline completes the minimalist logo for this technology brand.

Whilst we may have used a similar layout for this logo – a fresher green and sans serif font creates a less dated look, both bold and striking to reflect the pioneering technology used at the practice.

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