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Is your website already responsive?

by Mission Control on 19th November 2013

You will have noticed that many sites nowadays change layout depending on the device they are viewed on. This flexible approach to web design is called responsive web design (RWD).

avalon sciences limited responsive websiteChanging your website to be responsive, means that your site will be more usable on smaller devices, and will help visitors to your site have a more positive interaction with your brand, rather than a frustrating one.

Conversion rates
If your site is all about conversion rates i.e. you have an online shop or ask users to sign up for a service you offer. It is needless to say that having a mobile friendly website will help improve conversion rates if your website is optimised for mobile browsing. The visual below shows how the website’s layout adapts to the screen resolution of the device:

Speed is one of the most crucial elements of a mobile friendly website. Research shows that users expect the download speed on their mobile to be no different from their PC, even though (currently) the data is received via a 3G network.

Besides the changing layout there are different things that can be done to optimise speed. For example, that sliding banner which you have on your homepage may not be so effective when browsing mobile, rules can be setup to eliminate this element so the user can see the information that is important to them directly without scrolling far down.

Different requirements, different interaction
Another aspect to think about is the interaction. It could be for example that users mainly use your website on a mobile to find out where you are located or to quickly contact you. As you can define the order that elements appear you may want to make sure the elements and calls to action that are the most important are instantly visible to the mobile user.

Google has stated mobile optimisation is becoming an important ranking factor, especially when search is used on a mobile device, which is another reason for thinking about responsive web design.

Rebuilding your website
If your website appears a bit tired and it is ready for a facelift, at Satellite Creative we really recommend considering the site to be mobile friendly. It might be a little more expensive but it will make your website more future proof.

Feel free to talk to us about the ins and outs of responsive web design. Just give us a call or drop us a line.

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Mission ControlIs your website already responsive?