Like any satellite, we're great at communication. Once we have you on board, we'll stay connected at all times. We'll even listen. We might challenge you after, but we'll always listen. We keep our finger on the pulse and our feet on the ground.

We are small yet mighty

We're definitely not cool. People who say they're cool, never are. We're not being ironic here, just honest. We're very honest.

We don't have any of those agency folks who speak in buzz words and wear bow ties. If you think it's cool to say Millennials in a meeting, you will be sent home.

We push the boundaries. We pull rabbits out of hats. We make brands beautiful. We wear yellow dungarees. OK, we made that last one up. But you get the picture.

We're cheeky, inquisitive, inventive, edgy and a little bit off the wall but we think you'll enjoy working with us. Imagine business being a pleasure?


Terrible cake baker. Bossy. Known to like gin. Loves Tring. Gets sh*t done. Can get yours done too.


Head honcho. The boss. Big guy. Motorbike fanatic. Regular hattrick-scorer. Looks after the team as well as he looks after his clients.


Wears a lot of camo. Lost his hair a long time ago, but still a sensitive subject. Has some really great ideas.


Our resident cat lady. Fine tennis player. Has to sit upstairs on her own with all the boys. Clever creative and beautiful letterer.


Satellite’s voice of experience and reason. Catherine keeps us in the black by keeping our accounts ship shape and shiny.


Likes dentastix and squirrels. Rubbish with a marker pen, hopeless on a Mac and never makes the tea. Lucky she's so cute. Head of ball games.


Our Gaz. Stealth-like developer, hailing from the North. He's sure to dazzle with his digital moves.

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Fun-loving agency seeks enthusiastic, willing agency types for creative fun and smoking hot work... is this you?

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Design responsibly

With great design comes great responsibility, so we have teamed-up with some wonderful people doing fantastic work here in Hertfordshire.


We've been creating stuff out of town for over 22 years now, and over that time have produced some work we are really proud of.